Skype for Business readiness service launched by ConnectSolutions

The number of large organizations, trialling Skype for Business grew from 42 percent to 75 percent last year. However, organizations are hesitant to move to deployment due to concerns around integration with legacy systems and other challenges.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
San Francisco based UCaaS provider and Microsoft partner, ConnectSolutions has launched its pilot program. It intends to help its customers understand the nuances of their network structure, before deploying Microsoft Skype for Business.
Skype for Business readiness service launched by ConnectSolutions ZDnet

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Lync had joined the Skype family and been renamed to Skype for Business.

The user interface draws on the familiar features of Skype with the Lync feature set.

Despite growing interest in Skype for Business and Unified Communications, many CIOs are reluctant to deploy.

The pilot program provides organizations with reports of network and end user readiness to make the transition to Skype for Business.

These reports outline success criteria, business goals and KPIs, identifies employees, and crafts a training plan for the pilot. The pilot offers a 60-day trial of Skype for Business functionality, including Enterprise Voice.

Through limited trials, deployed across a small portion of the workforce the program aims to ensure that potential roadblocks are addressed before the company-wide implementation takes place.

The 60-day program prepares IT before a full organization rollout.

The pilot service provides a migration path for commercial and public sector organizations looking to deploy Skype for Business with Enterprise Voice according to the company.

The 60-day engagement evaluates the benefits Skype for Business with Enterprise Voice would bring to the business while identifying any deployment issues that need to be addressed.

"We have learned from our experience deploying to over 150 Microsoft UC customers that when Enterprise Voice is included in the deployment, the value proposition grows but so does the complexity," said ConnectSolutions CEO Glen D. Vondrick.

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