Slack, AWS forge multi-year partnership for cloud services, product integration

AWS and Slack have a mutual foe in Microsoft with Azure and Teams, respectively.

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Slack and Amazon Web Services outlined a multi-year agreement that covers cloud services and product integration.

The partnership, which was outlined after Slack delivered solid first quarter results and strong revenue growth, covers the following bases:

  • Slack will migrate its Slack Calls capability for all voice and video calling to Amazon Chime. AWS's Chime's software developer kit will power audio, video and screen sharing natively in Slack.
  • Slack will maintain AWS as its preferred cloud provider and use a bevy of services.
  • AWS will adopt Slack for team communication.
  • AWS Key Management Service will power Slack Enterprise Key Management and distribute and control cryptographic keys.
  • The companies will also further integrate products and be interoperable.

For Slack, the AWS partnership is a handy way to keep what could be a competitor at bay. In addition, AWS has enabled Slack to scale much like it has for Zoom. And finally, AWS and Slack have a mutual foe in Microsoft with Azure and Teams, respectively.



As for the product integrations, AWS and Slack said AWS Chatbot will integrate with Slack. And Amazon AppFlow will integrate with Slack to transfer data between AWS services and put multiple Slack channels and AWS tools in one flow.