Smart, transforming billboards that wipe out visual noise

Billboards can be an eyesore, but can transforming them make our cities more attractive as well as smarter?
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Billboard advertising may be a favorite of brands trying to reach consumers, but developing billboard campaigns that are effective without being visually noisy is not an easy task.

However, a new campaign by IBM's People for Smarter Cities Project, by Ogilvy & Mather France, has taken the irritating billboard and attempted to make it smarter -- by creating functional designs which do more than simply broadcast a brand message.

These smarter billboards can be transformed to cater for a number of needs. With the simple addition of a curvature, a billboard is transformed into a functional seat for passers-by. Another billboard changes into a bike and luggage stair ramp, while a separate design acts as a shelter when rain pours down.

Transforming advertising into functional and attractive parts of our cities makes consumers less likely to instinctively block out billboard marketing as visual noise. However, whether consumers would respond more to garish IBM adverts plonked across streets and pavements is still up for debate.

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Image credit: IBM


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