SmartPlanet's Week in Innovation: memory-erasing pills, 313 m.p.h. trains, military smartphones

SmartPlanet's Week in Innovation: memory-erasing pills, 313 mile-per-hour trains, military smartphones and more in a news roundup from our friends at SmartPlanet.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Each week our friends at SmartPlanet recap the week's most interesting news and developments in applied technology, science, energy and healthcare. Welcome to the Week in Innovation.

On Monday, we learned about increasing water bottle use during summer. (But we were too busy on vacation at the beach to notice.)

On Tuesday, we met the first American doctor in space, learned about the health impact of electronic waste, read about a "cool pavement" project in Phoenix, discovered electronics that can "see" and watched how tech is helping speed up DNA testing. Plus, a neat private car sharing service caught our attention.

On Wednesday, we reported on new methods to forecast cholera outbreaks, discussed how LED light bulbs will alter the museum experience, debated the merits of American offshore wind farms and learned about an amazing pill that can erase bad memories. Plus, DARPA's first female director sounded off on techno-geekery and the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf went head-to-head in sales.

On Thursday, we met folks using copper mining waste for roofing, read about Japan's new 313 m.p.h. maglev high-speed train, watched a jetpack launch a person 5,000 feet in the air, discussed the impact of digital signage on business and listened to Bill Clinton talk about why methane, not carbon dioxide, should be Public Climate Enemy No. 1.

Finally, Friday brought us the story of how one man revolutionized tornado research, news on how wireless inductive charging could improve, a discovery of a way to print solar cells like newspaper, an announcement of how the U.S. Army plans on using smartphones in war and a follow-on offer of $234 million for Tesla's new Model X crossover SUV.

Not bad for a four-day week, wouldn't you say?

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