SoloKeys Solo V2: Open source two-factor authentication security keys

The Solo V2 brings improved NFC, water resistant, updatable firmware, and a reversible USB connector.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Two-factor authentication security keys are now all the rage. If you care about security, then you have at least a couple of them on keyrings with you at any one time. The Solo V2, currently on offer via Kickstarter, brings some new features to these must-have items.

On the face of it, they look like any other two-factor authentication security keys on the market but look closer, and there are some interesting features.

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SoloKeys Solo V2

First up, they are robust. The guts are encapsulated in epoxy resin, making them durable and hard to tamper with.

Then there's the reversible connector, a really useful feature for the USB-A version since you can orient it in a way that the LED shows up.

There are also three capacitive touch pads, again making the Solo V2 easy to use no matter what the orientation.

There's also enhanced NFC; you get more reliable wireless authentication.

Then there's updatable firmware that can keep the keys fully updated. As far as I'm aware, this feature is unique to SoloKeys. The firmware updates will be signed by SoloKeys, and the user will need to carry this out (so no stealthy background updates). According to Solokeys, this is more secure and much cheaper than physically replacing all your security keys.

The Solo V2 keys also come with colorful silicon sleeves.

The Solo V2 support FIDO2 and will work seamlessly with services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Github, and many more.

Keys are expected to start shipping June 2021, and prices start at $34 for a single key.

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