Sony VAIO wins 'Editor's Choice' award from PC Magazine

Sony's VAIO continues to win friends, with the announcement that it has been chosen as 'Editor's Choice' in a major round up of ultra portables published in the latest edition of PC Magazine.

The reviewers are in no doubt. "If you're the type of mobile user who carries a notebook PC everywhere, then our Editors' Choice system --the Sony VAIO Note PCG-505FX-KT (£1,829 ex. VAT)-- will provide welcome relief to your aching shoulders and overstuffed might not be the cheapest solution, we believe it's certainly the best choice if you need a notebook as a constant companion."

In total PC Magazine reviewed twelve systems, including models from Fujitsu, Compaq, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Acer, ACi, IBM, Sharp and Ergo. To read the full article click here.