Founded in 1946, Tokyo-based consumer electronics and entertainment giant Sony has 180,500 employees across the globe.
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Sony is a leading consumer electronics and entertainment company gloablly.

The Japanese electonics giant continues to be dogged by faulty notebook battery problems. Recently, batteries manufactured by the company were again blamed as the culprit in over 40 incidents of notebooks overheating worldwide, more than two years after the largest battery recall in the electonics industry.

In August, Sony opened a US$106 million facility in Singapore to manufature lithium ion polymer batteries.

Founded in 1946, Sony is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has about 180,500 employees and ranks 75th among the 2008 Fortune Global 500 companies.

Sony's main businesses are in audio-visual produts, television, information and communications and semiconductors, as well as electonic components.

Sony ranks among ZDNet Asia's Top 10 fastest-growing companies for 2008/2009.

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