Sorry kids, Christmas is cancelled. Too many new gadgets to buy

The holiday season is shaping up to be an expensive one for mobile gear. New gadgets are soon going to flood the market. We gadget lovers will soon be broke.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
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Companies move quickly to get new electronics to market in time for the holiday season, and this year looks to be busier than ever. Windows 8 is poised for release this month, with an entire line of gadgets riding on the back of its launch. There's a rumored, but everyone believes it will happen, new iPad coming with a smaller form. Google is expected to roll out its latest Nexus smartphone, and maybe a larger tablet. Gadget lovers may soon be broke indeed.

Gadget addiction is an expensive thing. Those of us afflicted often buy the latest and greatest phone or tablet, at great expense. Companies that produce these things count on those purchases, and will be doing everything they can to get us to open our wallets.

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Microsoft will be flooding the market on October 26 with not only Windows 8, but those shiny Surface tablets. They aren't sharing how much they will cost us, but they are new and exciting enough to get our purchase dollars. I see a new Surface RT tablet in my immediate future, and I will likely pay a pretty penny for it.

Apple hasn't confirmed it will even be offering a small iPad, but it will be a huge shock if one isn't released. An iPad Mini will likely be expensive in keeping with Apple's business plan, and the fact it will fit in those holiday stockings will spur purchases like everything Apple produces.

Google is poised to bring the next Nexus Android phone to life, and it will be calling many gadget lovers to get out the credit card. Many buyers forego the carrier subsidy for Nexus phones, so this purchase will be a big one. 

The cheap ($199) Nexus 7 tablet has sold well since its release, so Google is rumored to be prepping a larger Nexus 10 for sale. That will grab quite a few purchase dollars if so, another gadget for addicts to grab this year.

This year has already been an expensive one for this writer, having picked up an iPad with 4G LTE and a Nexus 7 tablet. Most recently a purchase of a Samsung Chromebook has emptied the wallet. When a Surface tablet (with keyboard) and an iPad Mini are added to the tally, there won't be much left for gifts this holiday season. Throw in a new iPhone 5 which is out there tempting me, or the new Nexus phone, and it's going to be a broke holiday season for sure.

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