South Korea secures 4 million 5G subscribers

The country has accrued 3.98 million subscribers for 5G networks as of October and will likely have 5 million by the end of the year.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korea has secured around 4 million subscribers onto its 5G networks as of October, the Ministry of Science and ICT said. 

The country's tech ministry added that the country had 3.98 million subscribers as of October, which was a rise of over 516,000 subscribers from the previous month.

SK Telecom has the most 5G subscribers with 1.77 million, followed by KT's 1.21 million and LG Uplus' 1 million.

A minimum of half a million new users have been signed on every month since 5G networks were deployed back in April

It saw the highest rise in subscribers in August, when Samsung Electronics launched its Galaxy Note 10 5G smartphone, whereas 900,000 new subscribers were added on the launch month, and 700,000 were added in September. 

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Additionally, a total of 105,000 terabytes of traffic was recorded on 5G networks as of October. On average, one user used 28 gigabytes of data in that month.

Currently, commercialised 5G networks in South Korea are non-standalone and use 3.5GHz spectrum. The country has plans however deploy standalone 2.8GHz spectrum early next year. 

It is also planning to double the spectrum allocated to 5G by 2026 to prepare for an explosion in data traffic.


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