South Korea to double 5G spectrum by 2026

South Korea has currently allocated 2,680MHz for 5G use but aims to add up to another 2,640MHz by 2026.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korea wants to double the spectrum available for 5G by 2026.

The Ministry of Science and ICT said late Monday it wanted to add up to 2,640MHz of bandwidth by 2026 to the currently allocated 2,680MHz for use in 5G networks.

The project, dubbed 5G+ Spectrum Plan, aims to have the world's widest spectrum available for use in 5G. If the goal is achieved, there will be a total of 5,320MHz of 5G spectrum available in 2026.

The currently allocated bandwidth was aimed at launching the world's first 5G commercial network, the government said, but the additional bandwidths will be to prepare for traffic explosion and use in new industries that will be 5G-based.

The ministry is yet to announce specifically what frequency spectrum will divided in what way or for what use.

Specific timeline for deployment is also still being ironed out, it added, but said it will discuss regulations for strategic businesses such as smart city, smart factory, and self-driving cars with experts and the private sector before announcing a finalised plan in December. 

South Korea commercialized 5G networks back in April, claiming the world's first to do so.

It plans to deploy mmWave 5G standalone services next year.

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