Sprint re-releases HTC EVO update after previous one did some bricking

No word on what caused the bricking, but Sprint is trying again.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor
Earlier this week Sprint released an update to the HTC EVO. While the update provided a bunch of enhancements and fixes, including improvements to Wi-Fi and battery performance, it also had one negative side-effect: bricking your phone.

According to reports, some users' phones were left dead in the water after performing the update. Moments after reports started surfacing, Sprint pulled the update. Now the update is back and so far no bricks have been reported.

I updated as soon as the update came out and I think I know what caused the bricking. My phone hung on the "welcome to 4G" screen for a very long time after performing the update, and I almost pulled the battery. Just as I was about to the phone came back to life. My guess is that people probably pulled the battery during the update process, thereby rendering their HTC EVO unusable.

The biggest issue with the HTC EVO being bricked was that Sprint doesn't have any stock available to replace a bricked phone currently. It seems that the phone is selling really well, but unfortunately had one bad update.

If you successfully updated your phone earlier this week, there's no need to grab the latest update.

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