SSD infant mortality

Reports of SSDs quickly failing - in hours, days or months - are not uncommon. Is it the Internet multiplying bad news or are SSDs really worse than we've been led to believe?
Written by Robin Harris, Contributor

Are SSDs flaky? Having reviewed SSD reliability over the years - see SSD reliability lower than disks? and SSDs no more reliable than hard drives- I was interested when a perplexed reader wrote me about his recent flash drive experience:

I had received the drive over the weekend and after 30 minutes of use, the SATA controller just died. I was in shock. I know this is not an uncommon with Flash SSDs; that is, the drive's SATA controller just stops functioning. I was curious with your personal experience, what SSD has stood as the most reliable.

I too am interested in the most reliable SSD - I tried to figure out who makes the best hard drives 5 years ago (Maxtor was clearly the worst) - but before going there I'd like to poll ZDNet readers. This simple poll designed to give an (unscientific) handle on infant mortality for consumer SSDs. If the results are interesting I plan to go deeper. Poll requires Javascript and you can only vote once per IP address.

The Storage Bits take

Despite the buzz, I'm not convinced that SSD infant mortality is a real problem for most vendors. SSDs are expensive and come laden with whiz-bang performance expectations, so people may be more disappointed with SSD infant mortality than they are with disk failures.

But perhaps the race to the price bottom is hurting consumer SSD reliability. I've owned 2 (Mac) SSDs and had no problem with either, but that's a too-small sample. What say you?

Comments welcome, of course.

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