Staring at screens too much? Reduce eye strain with these on-sale anti-blue light glasses

Look good and sleep better with these anti-glare glasses that protect you from harmful UV rays.
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There may be a lot more reasons people are having trouble sleeping these days, but blue light from our device screens certainly isn't helping. And while there are a variety of ways to deal with that problem, the Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Glasses make for a particularly simple, stylish solution. And there's never been a better time to pick up a pair because they are currently being offered at a 52% discount for only $39.99.

The Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Glasses have a blue light filter and full UV protection function that will block harmful blue light from reaching your eyes. Not only will this protect your eyes, but it can make it possible for you to doze off more easily and ensure a more restful sleep. However, at the same time, the glasses allow non-harmful light to pass through, so you still get a crystal-clear full-color view.

There is also an anti-glare coating on the Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Glasses, so you won't have to deal with distracting reflections anymore, while anti-fog protection offers more than 94% clarity. The result of combining all of these features is that you will be able to focus longer, because the glasses will keep your eyes feeling fresh, with reduced dryness. Best of all, you get all of these advantages in a pair of really great-looking glasses.

These glasses are a crowd favorite, buyers on Amazon have rated them 4.4 stars out of 5. They've also been featured on Forbes, The Evening Standard, and The Guardian. The Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Glasses are available in Carson/Shiny Black (shown above), Carson/Tortoise, Carson/Clear White, Parker/Clear White, Parker/Shiny Black, and Parker/Tortoise.

Don't miss your chance to get a pair of Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Glasses for only $39.99, a 52% discount off the regular price of $84.

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