Sumo Logic for VMware - a cloud-based log management and analysis service

Virtual server environments can be very complex making it hard to know what is happening. Sumo Logic points out that the log files created by VMware's tools along with those created by other layers of software offer clues about performance and reliability issues.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Sumo Logic recently announced a log management and analysis tool for VMware-based computing environments. The company's Sumo Logic for VMware is a cloud-based services designed to make it easily possible for organizations using VMware's virtual machine software products to manage VMware log files and use sophisticated analysis to understand performance, reliability and other issues.

What Sumo Logic says about Sumo Logic for VMware

Sumo Logic for VMware enables enterprises to achieve higher availability and service levels, faster troubleshooting and proactive debugging across VMware environments. With Sumo Logic for VMware, IT teams can:

  • Collect and centralize logs and metrics from ESX/ESXi, vCenter Server and individual virtual machines.
  • Correlate VMware events with events generated by host and guest operating systems, applications and networks to gain end-to-end visibility of IT infrastructure issues and performance.
  • Discover issues related to over-provisioning, changes to configuration and virtual machine movement.
  • Gain an in-depth view of important performance metrics such as virtual machine CPU, memory and disk utilization.
  • Determine capacity constrained and under-provisioned physical hosts and idle virtual machines to improve VMware deployment strategy and drive greater efficiency.

The core innovation of the Sumo Logic log management and analytics service is the company’s patent-pending LogReduce™ technology, which uses real-time forensics to reduce millions of log lines into a manageable set of patterns that enable IT teams to quickly identify and resolve operational issues. It is also powered by the patent-pending Elastic Log Processing™ technology, the first petabyte scale indexing and search platform designed specifically for Big Data volumes, allowing it to far surpass the scalability of on-premise solutions. By collecting all machine data and storing it for an unlimited amount of time, Sumo Logic’s powerful algorithms can notify IT teams proactively with push notifications and improve overall IT posture and service levels.

Snapshot Analysis

Consolidated computing environments are very complex and the tools offered by VMware and suppliers of operating systems, application frameworks, applications, database engines as well as both network and storage servers often don't have the capability to look beyond their own silo to see holistic view of the entire environment.

Suppliers of each element in this complex environment have created their own tools to look at the operational data collected by their tools and help IT administrators understand what is going on. Their tools typically don't look at the operational data of any other layer.

Sumo Logic believes that it's tools are a way to learn what is happening. Suppliers such as Splunk, eG Innovations, IBM, HP, CA and BMC would point out that their tools offer similar (they would say better) capabilities. Sumo Logic would point out that their tools are offered as a cloud-based service so organizations don't have to invest in servers, storage and software necessary to address this much-needed function.

Is Sumo Logic for VMware the tool for you? Sumo Logic wants to make it easy to find out. It offers a free subscription allowing customers to try out the basic capabilities of its core product.

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