Sun blazes away with 14-CPU graphics dream machine

Sun Microsystems today fulfilled the fantasies of high-end graphics professionals and unveiled its 14-processor Sun Ultra 4000 Creator 3D workstation, and six-CPU Ultra 3000.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The Sun Ultra 3000 and 4000 Creator 3D workstations allow for some heavy-duty multi-processing due to their large memory capacities and multiple 64-bit UltraSPARC-1 processors. The Ultra 3000 unit costs £43,600 + VAT for a single 167MHz processor, 256Mb RAM, 4Gb hard drive and 20-inch monitor. It can be configured with up to six processors, three creator 3D graphics boards, 6Gb RAM and 42Gb storage.

The Ultra 4000 is some £30,000 more than the Ultra 3000: £74,000 + VAT for a 167MHz processor-based unit with 256Mb RAM and 4Gb hard drive. It can comprise up to 14 processors, four creator 3D graphics boards, 14Gb RAM and 16.8Gb hard drive. "The difference in price is because of the totally different chassis," said Ann French, corporate communications manager at Sun.

Both workstations are available now.

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