Sun stalls on Solaris for Intel platform

They're not that close after all...
Written by Lynne Hardy, Contributor

They're not that close after all...

Sun Microsystems announced yesterday it is delaying plans to release its Intel-compatible Solaris 9 operating system. Solaris 9, the latest version of its Unix operating system, is based on two configurations, one for Sun's UltraSparc chips and one for the 32-bit Intel Xeon and Pentium chips. However, Sun executives said economic cutbacks mean the company has had to delay the release of the operating system to Intel. The company said it will only release Solaris for UltraSparc processors later this year. This is Sun's latest move to understate its support for Intel chips, as the company makes most of its profits from UltraSparc, according to IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzky.
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