Super Bowl 2007 user generated TV commercial winner to be announced Feb 2

Discover a Super Bowl winner before kick off!
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
Web 2.0 “users are in control”? NO, but they can be involved if they are promoting corporate brands according to corporate specifications, I put forth way back in November: “Super Bowl 2007: Social media kickoff”:

Super Bowl XLI kicks off  February 4 in Miami and televisions around the world will be tuned in, to watch the commercials. This year’s Super Bowl of TV commercials will include a new genre vying for the hearts, minds and wallets of the world, what I call “user-involved” content. 

How do I define brand-focused “user-involved” content?

Promotional fare “created” by “users” at the behest and direction of corporate brands and designed to support the marketing and communications missions of the sponsoring corporations.

The NFL, Doritos and Chevrolet have solicited user involvement in the development of commercials to air during the game.

Digital Market readers are looking forward to the Super Bowl of commercials. I asked “What are you looking forward to the most? The game, the commercials or the halftime show?” More than 50% of readers that went to the polls said they are anticipating the Super Bowl commercials most of all. 

CBS is also eagerly anticipating the Super Bowl commercials it is to air during the Super Bowl broadcast at an estimated average sales price of $ 2.6 million per thirty-second spot.

CBS has a pre-game show on tap to build enthusiasm for the big match up of Super Bowl commercials:

"Super Bowl’s greatest commercials 2007,” a new entertainment special hosted by Jim Nantz and Daisy Fuentes, will be broadcast Friday, February 2 on the CBS television network . Viewers to vote online at cbs.com for the best super bowl commercial of all time, with the result announced live.

The winning team in Chevy's Super Bowl College Ad Challenge competition for a consumer-generated ad to air during Super Bowl XL will also be announced. Over 820 teams registered from more than 230 schools in 46 states and the District of Columbia.

The Chevrolet pitch to college students:

Most advertising professionals never get a chance to shape an ad to air during the Super Bowl.  But that's what Chevy is giving to college students. We're looking for the most creative, eye-opening and memorable ideas for a 30-second TV commercial for Chevy cars. The winning teams’ concept will be the basis for one of Chevys' 2007 Super Bowl ads. The winning students will also get to participate in the actual production of the ad.


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