Surface RT price cuts: Where's the cheapest place to get the Microsoft tablet in Europe?

Thanks to Europe's numerous currencies, the $150 price cut that Microsoft announced this week for the Surface RT has been translated into reductions of various sizes. Who are the continent's winners and losers?
Written by Jo Best, Contributor
Surface tablet
Microsoft's Surface RT costs from €322 in Europe. Image: Josh Lowensohn/CNET News

In an effort to clear out inventory of its cheaper own-brand tablet, the ARM-powered Surface RT, Microsoft announced a price cut of $150 for the devices in the US.

The reduction has also made its way to Australia, and has now been translated to all of the 15 markets in Europe where the Surface RT is sold.

In most of the countries whose currency is the euro, the $150 price cut has been converted into a €150 haircut, leaving the 32GB RT costing €329 (down from its launch price of €479) and the 64GB model at €429 (reduced from its original €579).

However, the price cuts in the non-euro countries tend to be smaller than those where the euro is used:  the cost of the 32GB model with no cover has dropped to £279, a fall of £120  – the equivalent of €138 or $181. The reduction is roughly the same for Sweden and Denmark too.

The smallest and biggest cuts were seen in Norway, where the 32GB dropped from NOK 3,890 kroner to NOK 2,999 kroner (down by €113) and the 64GB fell from NOK 4,950 kroner to NOK 3,699 kroner (€159).

Nevertheless, the UK is the cheapest place in Europe to buy a both the 32GB and 64GB version of the Surface RT, at £279 and £359 respectively.

Denmark is the priciest place in Europe to go RT shopping: despite a DKK 1,000 (€134) cut, Danes have to pay around 18 percent more for the 32GB tablet and 16 percent more for the 64GB version.

Here's the full rundown of pricing across Europe, according to regional Microsoft online stores.

Country 32GB 64GB
Austria €329 €429
Belgium €329 €429
Denmark DKK 2,999 (€402) DKK 3699 (€496)
Finland €329 €429
France €339 €444
Germany €329 €429
Ireland €329 €429
Italy €337 €439
Norway NOK 2999 (€379) NOK 3699 (€467)
Netherlands €336 €436
Portugal €329 €429
Spain €329 €429
Sweden SEK 3295 (€379) SEK 4095 (€471)
Switzerland CHF 414 (€334) CHF 517 (€417)
UK £279 (€322) £359 (€414)

In the US, the 32 GB Surface RT without cover is now $349 (down from $499) while the 64 GB model weighs in at $449 (reduced from $599). In Australia the 32GB RT has been cut from AU$559 to AU$389, while the 64GB has fallen from AU$789 to AU$699.

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