Survey: Industrial IoT deployment thriving

A recent Tech Pro Research survey shows that industries recognize the value of IoT and are keen to adopt devices.
Written by Melanie Wachsman, Editor

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) adds significant value to businesses, and industries such as manufacturing, transportation, utilities and more, are taking full advantage of IIoT's capabilities. 

In January 2019, Tech Pro Research surveyed professionals to measure how, why and what lessons were learned from Industrial IoT deployments. Questions included why an organization would adopt IIoT, what type of data is collected from IIoT, and how the data is used.

Industries are eagerly approaching IIoT adoption, as 82 percent of survey respondents have either implemented IIoT, are running a pilot project, or are considering it. This widespread acceptance can be attributed to potential IIoT benefits including real-time maintenance, worker monitoring, environmental sustainability, and enhanced security solutions.

Delivering valuable data

IIoT devices can also deliver valuable data to businesses. More than half of respondents (59%) use data gathered from IoT devices for maintenance. Respondents also collect data on shop floor/warehouse management (36%), sales (25%), marketing (23%), accounting (21%), and C-Suite (15%).

Piggybacking on respondents' priority on maintenance, it comes to no surprise that 51 percent of respondents collect data with IoT devices on equipment's wear and tear. Respondents also collect data regarding energy usage (45%), telemetrics (32%), GPS (28%), and weather/climate (17%).

Further, predictive maintenance dominates 79 percent of respondents' current or tentative use cases for IIot devices. Other use cases include quality control, metering, managing inventory, safety, and smart packaging.

Only 18 percent of respondents are not interested in using IoT at this time. Of those respondents, 40 percent claim this is because they lack the in-house skills to implement and maintain new devices.

Tech Pro Research surveyed 139 professionals around the world, representing a diverse array of industries and company sizes. The majority of survey respondents work in IT with 13 percent identifying as IT managers, 11 percent as IT consultants, 9 percent as IT staff, and 8 percent as executive/IT management or IT director.

The infographic below contains selected details from the research. To read more findings, plus analysis, download the full report: The rise of Industrial IoT: Industrial sector leverages IIot uses (Tech Pro Research subscription required).


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