Survey: Most consumers use at least one form of tech to make shopping easier and more enjoyable

In a recent Tech Pro Research survey, 88 percent of respondents said they had used conveniences like mobile payments and automated checkouts.
Written by Amy Talbott, Contributor

If the race between corporate giants Amazon, Microsoft, and Walmart to create fully-automated shopping experiences is any indication, retail could look a lot different in the near future. But according to the results of a recent survey by Tech Pro Research, technology hasn't taken over the brick-and-mortar world yet.

In the survey of 259 tech professionals, 88 percent said they had used at least one form of technology to assist in their shopping experience in the past year. The most common, which 58 percent said they'd used, was researching product information from a mobile device while in a retail location, closely followed by ordering a product online for pickup in a store.

Among shoppers who using these conveniences, 87 percent said that at least one they'd used made shopping easier, and 66 percent said at least one they'd used made shopping more enjoyable. Although use of technology while shopping isn't universal, this survey shows that shoppers do find value in it.

Since data plays a significant role in digital transformation, the Tech Pro Research survey also asked what information shoppers were comfortable giving up in exchange for rewards or discounts. Almost all respondents said they were willing to hand over at least some of their personally-identifiable data, which isn't surprising since some of these items, like an email address, are essential for conducting transactions.

The infographic below contains selected results from the survey. For all results, plus analysis, download the full report:Digital transformation in retail: How consumers are using tech to make shopping easier and more enjoyable. (Available to Tech Pro Research subscribers.)

Image: Erik Underwood/TechRepublic

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