Survey says -- what the next Amazon Kindle Fire needs

According a new survey of its owners, the Kindle Fire still has room for improvement.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

The Amazon Kindle Fire has been the most successful tablet launched to date not named "iPad," but it still has room for improvement, according a new survey of its owners from ChangeWave Research.

A vast majority of Fire owners appear happy with their purchase, with 54 percent saying they are "very satisfied" and 38 percent saying "somewhat satisfied." In comparison, 74 percent of iPad owners are "very satisfied," though the Fire's score higher than the score given from owners of all other tablets (49 percent).

As you might expect from a $199 tablet, cost is what its owners liked best about the Fire (59 percent of respondents), with the color screen, ease of use, and selection of books available also being cited by at least 20 percent of owners as pros for the Kindle.

But if Amazon is looking for a set of features to add to the next Kindle Fire -- rumored to already be in development -- it could take a look at the survey's results for owners' dislikes. At the top of concerns is the lack of a dedicated volume button (27 percent), followed by no built-in camera (20 percent), short battery life (15 percent), and the lack of 3G and 4G capability (12 percent).

Perhaps most important for Amazon, which is supposedly losing money on each Kindle Fire it sells, the tablet's owners do seem primed to spend more at the online retailer. While only 19 percent of survey respondents who don't own a Kindle Fire plan to spend more at Amazon in the next 90 days, 29 percent of Kindle Fire plan to. That jibes with Amazon's strategy to sell the tablet at a low price and make it back with online purchases directly from the device.

Are you a Kindle Fire owner? If so, are you satisfied with your purchase? What are your biggest likes and dislikes with the tablet? Let us know in the Talkback section.

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