Symantec's data center report amplifies green IT drumbeat

Close to 90 percent of data center managers responding to Symantec's latest State of the Data Center report mentioned green IT as an important initiative. Indeed, its was one of the top 10 general strategic priorities.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Data center managers often mention energy efficiency and cloud computing in the same sentence, according to the results of the second annual State of the Data Center report conducted by security tech vendor Symantec.

While being green was often a side benefit for other priorities, it was a running theme in the series of questions related to the motivations for companies to move to a cloud computing infrastructure. For example, roughly one-third of all the respondent cited moving to the cloud as a green strategy.  Although I would argue that green-ness actually pertains to THE top reason that data centers are considering infrastructure as a services, which was a desire for more efficiency.

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