Symbol to pre-install handheld virus protection

The world's first pre-configured anti-virus solution for a hand-held device is to be launched by Symbol Technologies and Computer Associates
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Symbol will pre-install Computer Associates InoculateIT anti-virus protection software on its industrial strength, Windows CE based, PPT 2700 device.

Computer Associates confirms that it is not aware of any computer virus designed specifically for the Windows CE platform, in a statement it highlights macro viruses and so-called "applet bombs" as a significant threat to digital handheld devices.

Fraser Howard, technical consultant with independent virus research organisation The Virus Bulletin agrees that viruses do pose a threat to handheld computers. He comments: "I believe that macro viruses would still work [on the Windows CE platform] and I think there some file viruses may work."

The Computer Associates statement reads: "Viruses represent the biggest security threat in today's computing environment. At the same time, the explosive growth in the power and reach of handheld devices has made them a significant part of today's dynamic eBusiness world."

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