Sysomos Gaze gives view of your social imprint across images

Every day, more than three billion images are created on social media and nearly one million minutes of video are shared every second. But businesses have little insight into this content, what it means for their brand or their target audiences.

Raleigh NC social marketing and analytics company Sysomos has announced new features for its Sysomos Gaze tool. The tool enables marketers to monitor, analyze and engage with visual content across social media.

Sysomos Gaze gives view of your social imprint across images ZDNet

Understanding how your brand awareness is growing across the web is useful for for marketers to understand how their products and services are consumed and received by their customers.

The tool lets you monitor, curate, engage, analyze, and amplify consumer generated visual content across social media.

According to Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends Report, there are over three billion images created on social media every day and nearly one million minutes of video are shared every second.

Brands want to analyze their target audience, see where their products are featured and discover new ways to engage with their audiences.

Gaze analyzes the content by filtering based on objects, scene backgrounds, terms, hashtags, media type, comments, audience demographics, and geography and more.

Companies can then get an end-to-end view of how their products and services are consumed and received.

The tool pulls data from Instagram and Tumblr. All images of your brand across the social landscape can be seen in a single view. You can sort and filter images by what's in the pictures, hashtags, time ranges, geographies, gender, or language.

It uses image recognition technology to analyze images and identify when your logo or product appears, even in photos without hashtags.

Analysis of text based social media content is no longer enough for today's brands and agencies to get a full view of brand health.

Marketers can build collections of images based on visual elements by selecting a set of images with elements the marketer is looking to monitor or curate.

You can configure alerts when images related to your brand identity begins to go viral. The "early warning system" also warns you about less good images before they become a potential risk to your brand.

Sysomos chief executive officer, Peter Heffring. said "With millions of people posting and engaging with images and videos on social media every minute of every day, curating and analyzing this visual content is more important than ever.

Companies that are only 'listening' to their customers via traditional text methods are missing half the equation."

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