T-Mobile announces 3,000 minute family plan in case unlimited is too much

T-Mobile continues to create plans to fit everyone's needs and has squeezed in a family minute plan for those who make quite a few calls, but do not need the unlimited minutes across all lines in their family plan. The 3,000 minute plan has the same base cost as unlimited, but varies when adding the 3rd line.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

My preferred personal wireless carrier is T-Mobile because I get a full signal from them just about everywhere I travel,live and commute, their customer service is top notch, they have great rates, and they have a decent lineup of devices. I have been on a grandfathered Family Time 1800 plan with MyFaves for a couple of years and this has worked pretty well for me and my family (5 lines on the family plan). T-Mobile just introduced another option I am considering that includes 3,000 minutes to be shared between five lines. My wife makes most calls while the rest of us primarily send text messages, but the MyFaves works well for calling between friends and our home phone. T-Mobile now has each additional line at $5 compared to the $10 I am paying and they have some other deals on unlimited text and data. I need to sit down and take a closer look at my recent bills because we may actually be able to switch to the 1,500 minute plan and save quite a bit each month while possibly being able to upgrade a couple of phones.

The new 3,000 minute plan sits in between the 1,500 minute family plan and the unlimited family plan. Unlimited sounds good, but each additional line can cost up to $40 for unlimited and as I said we make few calls outside of my wife's independent consultant business. It is nice to see T-Mobile adding in another option for callers and for two lines the price is either $79.99 or $99.99 (depending on whether or not you want an annual contract and subsidized phone). You will notice that these are the same prices for two lines as the unlimited plan, but keep in mind that each additional phone line is $40 for unlimited or $10 for 200 minutes on the unlimited plan while an additional line on the 3,000 minute plan is just $5. Now that I think about it, 200 for each of my daughters should be plenty since they live on the text messaging plan and with unlimited minutes for me and my wife we could talk without having to worry about managing our minutes. It is not clear if the unlimited messaging applies across all phones so I will have to visit a store and work out some of the options. There are so many options it can be quite a chore to sit down and map them all out.

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