​Tableau buys HyPer, to add R&D center in Munich

HyPer, which grew out of a Technical University of Munich project, will enable Tableau products to analyze data faster.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Tableau said it will acquire HyPer, a German-based startup focused on data processing, and plans to establish a research and development center in Munich.

HyPer is a database system that's designed to process data from OLTP and OLAP systems without a performance hit. HyPer's technology also unifies transactions and analysis into one system.

Tableau said that HyPer's technology will be integrated into the company's products to offer faster data analysis, improve integration and blending of information and offering analytics and big data support. Here's the overview:


HyPer grew out of a research project by two Technical University of Munich professors and evolved as Ph.D students began integrating HyPer with Tableau products.

In many respects, the Tableau purchase could be characterized as an acquihire deal. HyPer employees will be the R&D staff in Munich.

Tableau said it will invest more resources in Munich and HyPer as a way to court talent from the Technical University of Munich.

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