Tablet promotions abound: Is desperation setting in?

Another day, another one-day sale for some Android or Windows 8 tablet. Why go for this doorbuster when there'll be one tomorrow? Just a guess, but tablet makers may be starting to sweat.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Is it just me or is the battle to convince you to buy a tablet for the holiday escalating?

Most indicators after Black Friday noted that Apple's iPad appeared to be selling well. And perhaps other tablets fared well after an initial pop. But judging from an inbox of tablet promotions and markdowns I have to wonder if there's some serious buyers fatigue.

These promotions cover a wide range of tablet territory. Consider the Dell Venue 8 Pro door buster on Monday at its Microsoft Stores. Microsoft was offering the Dell Venue Pro 8 for $99 for a brief period.



And then there was Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX 7 sale. Not surprisingly, Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets are among the most popular devices.

kindle 7 doorbuster


Dell is also pushing its 24 hour sales. After all, who isn't?

dell sale


The dogfight on price really appears to be among the Android crowd---at least on Best Buy's popularity list---and Windows 8 devices are also aggressively priced.

Sure, these one-day sales and limited time price cuts juice sales, but after seeing these deals for two weeks, I'm inclined to wait. It may be worth seeing how close to free these tablet makers can get. But here's the rub: I'm already stocked with tablets and don't see much that would entice me to buy. I may not be alone with a hint of tablet fatigue. 

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