TeamQuest, risk detection and discovery analysis

Risk prediction and prevention have long been the battle cry of suppliers in the management software market. TeamQuest believes its approach to predictive analytics for dynamic IT environments solves the puzzle of tying symptom analysis and operational data together to create useful insights.

TeamQuest reached out to me to introduce me to some new features in a couple of their products including, TeamQuest Risk Prediction and TeamQuest Capacity Management Information System (CMIS). TeamQuest has long been a supplier of IT service management and optimization products.

TeamQuest Risk Prediction

TeamQuest Risk Prediction the result of using the TeamQuest Predictor software product. IT offers an automated, predictive analysis solution that can gather operational information from a large number of systems, analyze this data and help make risk prediction available to TeamQuest customers. The company would say that this tool can help customers save time and money by detecting problems before they occur.

The company points out that today's IT infrastructures are increasingly complex and the combination of physical, virtual and cloud-based resources can be difficult to manage.

TeamQuest introduced what it described as a "new approach" that includes automated, intelligent analytics that both provides alerts for future problems and points out where IT administrators should focus their efforts to avoid that problem.

TeamQuest Capacity Management

TeamQuest Capacity Management Information System (CMIS) relies upon TeamQuest Analyzer to identify common and anomalous performance metadata to accelerates the discovery and remediation of performance issues. TeamQuest's goal is to arm customers with the information needed to pinpoint the root cause, allowing them to make better-informed decisions about potential configuration or architecture changes.

Snapshot analysis

Risk prediction and prevention have long been the battle cry of suppliers in the IT service management, application performance management, end user experience management and other segments of the management software market. Many suppliers, such as BMC, CA, HP, IBM, INETCO, Netuitive, Splunk and Zenoss, make claims that their software offers customers a useful way to gather and analyze operational data generated by their systems, operating systems, applicaiton frameworks, applications, databases, networking systems and storage systems and create predictions that will optimize system utilization, performance and prevent outages.

While TeamQuest Risk Prediction and TeamQuest Capacity Management Information System (CMIS) appear to offer the capabilities organizations require in their management software products, it is not clear that they are the right solutions for everyone. I would recommend learning more about them, but would also suggest looking at competitive solutions to find the best mix of capabilities, performance and cost for your company.


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