Tech HR professionals are using ChatGPT to craft termination letters

Over half of tech HR employees are using ChatGPT at work - for all kinds of things.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Person holding a phone with ChatGPT open
June Wan/ZDNET

The tech industry has undergone significant layoffs, with giants such as Google, Meta, and Microsoft letting go of tens of thousands of employees in the last six months.

Consequently, HR professionals are in demand for their skills in managing termination processes with tact to lessen the impact on employees.

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However, these conversations can be difficult, so some HR professionals are turning to AI for help. 

In a new survey, 213 tech HR professionals and 792 tech employees were asked about their experiences with HR in the tech industry. 

Over half of the tech HR employees surveyed reported using ChatGPT for tasks such as training, surveys, performance reviews, recruiting, employee relations, and more. 

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More than one in 10 tech HR employees even admitted to using ChatGPT to craft employee terminations, according to the survey. 

This isn't the first time ChatGPT is being used for a sensitive matter. As ZDNET previously reported, people have used ChatGPT to write wedding vows and even eulogies. 

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Using an AI chatbot makes it easier to emotionally detach yourself from difficult or emotionally charged situations, such as terminating someone's employment. But the impacts of using AI models for such tasks may include a loss of trust between employees and HR. 

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