Tech news roundup: Managing IoT, new iPhones, and phishing concerns

This week's stories from TechRepublic and ZDNet include AI's influence on retail, the onslaught of malicious emails, and a look at why 50% of employees aren't satisfied.
Written by Karen Roby, Reporter

I'm Karen Roby with your TechRepublic and ZDNet news update.

Phishing emails continue to be a problem and one specific type is really good at getting past the defenses companies put up. People impersonations account for 45 percent of the malicious emails that get through, on ZDNet we're taking a closer look at the threat and can pass on some tips on how to stay safe.

Managing IoT and big data cyber risks is a challenge for companies. IoT devices are often left open for attack and can lead to significant consequences if breached. On TechRepublic, we're looking at the types of threats and how individuals and companies can protect their devices and data.

We're just a couple months away from the unveiling of the latest iPhone modelsA new report sheds some light on what we can expect to see from the newest trio of Apple phones. Specific changes such as updated camera features and a lightning connector are noted in the report released by 9to5Mac

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In keeping with retail, did you know AI is helping retailers learn what you will return--before you've even bought it. Sounds impossible right?

Lots of us load up the online shopping cart only to leave it hanging or ditch it all before jumping to a new site. The information gathered now by AI can help retailers (or so they say) give you incentives in real-time to keep you from returning after you pay. Tiernan Ray is investigating this one.

And finally, is your job just a job or something more? A new Careerbuilder report says 50% of employees consider their 9 to 5 to be a job instead of a career and indicate they are dissatisfied with their current situation. Many hiring managers are looking to improving the employee experience to keep turnover at bay. If you'd like to learn more about how you can keep top talent in house, check out TechRepublic.

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