TeenTech Weekly: Employing the Gen-Y

A special edition of TeenTech Weekly: Businesses, employment and the Gen-Y.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

This edition of TeenTech weekly rounds up Generation Y and student news that you may have missed. This week is a special, featuring the analysis and opinions of industries when it comes down to the employability of Generation Y.

1.) "More than money": The rise of the graduate social entrepreneur. (The Guardian)

Record levels of graduate unemployment coupled with a growing social conscience amongst 'Generation Y' have fuelled a rise in the number of students and graduates setting up social enterprises.

2.) Generation Lost? Millennials come of age. (Reuters)

If your birth year is essentially a genetic lottery, which drops you into the economic circumstances of the day, then it's no exaggeration to say that the 70 million millennials -- or Generation Y, those born in the 1980s and '90s -- appear to have lost that lottery.

3.) Energy drink regs will offer no relief to exhausted Generation Y. (Fox News)

Generation Y is struggling. Seventy-seven percent of young Americans are delaying major life changes due to the depressed economy. They are exhausted from overloaded schedules. They are bleary-eyed from scanning job boards. They are anxious about paying off their student loans, particularly since student loan debt surpassed credit card debt last year. They are scared about their future.

4.) Millennials vs. Baby Boomers: Who Would You Rather Hire? (Time)

A new poll reveals just how different Gen Y workers are from their Baby Boomer forefathers. Among other things, millennials (those in their 20s and early 30s) want flexible work schedules, more 'me time' on the job, and nearly nonstop feedback and career advice from managers. They're also more likely than average to think the boss could learn a thing or two from their young employees. Oh, and they really want to be able to wear jeans at work.

5.) Why Gen Y can't get a job: No Gumption, No Get Up and Go. (Daily Finance)

Despite 8.3 percent nationwide unemployment, members of America's latest alphanumeric generation exhibit little of the gumption that helped prior generations survive their own economic troubles.

6.) Millennials are going to be leaders in ways we've never 'experienced or imagined'. (Business Insider)

By 2025, young people will make up roughly 75 percent of the world's employees. The problem is they're so vastly different from the previous generations, it can be a major conflict in the workplace.

7.) Trendy fads won't help your career. (CBS News)

There are thousands, maybe millions of people out there who are trying to get ahead, just like you. The only difference is they've figured out how to make money by selling you on all sorts of trendy myths and fads, meaningless fluff that masquerades as self-help or career advice. Gen Y consultants, personal branding "gurus," career and life coaches -- they're all over the blogosphere and social media.

8.) 4 Money Lessons For Generation Y. (SF Gate)

Since the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009, the financial rules that most Americans operated under have changed and it might be the fact that Generation Y was in the sweet spot of the economic downturn that has caused them to redefine their beliefs about money.

9.) Who’d hire a Gen-Y? (Smart company)

They can be demanding and impatient – but some of the traits that so infuriate many bosses can also make Gen-Ys outstanding employees. It’s a matter of channelling the energy.

10.) More than half of global workforce considering job change. (Market Watch)

Employees across the globe have experienced unprecedented economic turmoil, and, as a result, are restless regarding future career goals. Many are unhappy in their jobs and are actively searching for new opportunities. Others are content with their current employment position but are seeking greater engagement and meaning from their positions.


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