TeenTech Weekly: Students and Big Data

The weekly roundup of Generation-Y and student news & resources you may have missed.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

This edition of TeenTech weekly rounds up Generation Y and student news that you may have missed. This week we've read about the role of Big Data in the higher education sector.

1.) Big Data on campus. (The New York Times)

Campuses are places of intuition and serendipity: a professor senses confusion on a student's face and repeats his point; a student majors in psychology after a roommate takes a course; two freshmen meet on the quad and eventually become husband and wife. Now imagine hard data substituting for happenstance. 

2.) Stanford rides Big Data wave in medical research. (FierceBiotech IT)

Stanford University houses some of the top minds studying Big Data in biomedicine, and this summer's issue of Stanford Medicine spotlights their cutting-edge use of monstrous amounts of biological data to advance new treatments.

3.) Time to build your Big-Data muscles. (Fast Company)

Big data creates new professional categories, job opportunities, and careers. Yet few universities are paying serious attention to the analytic skills needed by graduates in all fields.

4.) Go mobile or go home. (ZDNet)

From augmented reality to language learning to virtual classrooms, the word is mobile. 

5.) UM, IBM, tech firm create course to analyze Big Data. (Missoulian)

A group of innovators at TerraEchos and IBM believe the future of analyzing massive amounts of streaming data may lie in part at the University of Montana, where a new course is set to launch this fall. 

6.) What did the MITx experiment teach us? (ZDNet)

The ambitious online project is gearing up to offer new courses in the fall - but what did the trial teach us? 

7.) Your laptop can now analyze Big Data. (Mashable)

Computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have devised a framework for running large-scale computations for tasks such as social network or web search analysis efficiently on a single personal computer. 

8.) This Flipboard intern is only 20 and he's already a star in Silicon Valley. (Business Insider)

Here's a story that tells you a lot about how much Silicon Valley prizes fresh talent. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue still can't believe how excited people got when he hired a Brown University student for an internship. 

9.) Big Data has come to education: Why openness must come next. (Huffington Post)

We can see data's ability to revolutionize industries and areas of our lives every day. Only recently, however, has data begin to change how we approach K-12 education, a trend that's been made possible by the increasing presence of technology in our classrooms. 

10.) Adaptive learning: Why your kids will be smarter than you. (Mashable)

Education might not be the sexiest of industries, but it’s a $7 trillion global industry that's ripe for innovation. To date, Knewton has received $54 million in funding to build its Adaptive Learning Platform that helps you learn better by responding to what you do and don't know.


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