TeenTech Weekly: Zuckerberg's student mocking, privacy policies, free Xboxes

The weekly roundup of Generation Y and student resources you may have missed.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

This edition of TeenTech weekly rounds up Generation Y and student news that you may have missed. This week we've read about Mark Zuckerberg's past, student privacy issues and their mobile devices, and how to manage Gen-Y employees.

1.) Mark Zuckerberg mocked Facebook users in student messages. (The Telegraph)

Messages from Mark Zuckerberg's student days show the Facebook founder mocking his partners and joking about users trusting him with their data.

2.) Students learn job skills as IT techs. (US News)

A Missouri school’s program reflects a national trend of training high school students.

3.) The implications of schools demanding access to student mobile devices.

Schools are demanding the right to search smartphones and laptops in a bid to catch cyberbullying. What are the implications?

4.) Should college students be forced to buy e-books? (The Street)

It's not just rising college tuition and room and board charges. It's all those incidentals, from student activity and health fees to lab fees and books that are turning higher education into such a financial burden.

5.) Why BYOD, not banning cell phones, is the answer. (The Journal)

It's difficult to have a conversation about using cell phones for learning without someone complaining that the phones will be a distraction. These complaints presumably come from those who have never been in schools where cell phones are used as learning tools.

6.) Microsoft eyes students, offers free Xbox with purchase of Windows PC.

Microsoft is once again offering students a free Xbox with the purchase of a qualifying Windows PC.

7.) Student journalists saved by Twitter. (Montreal Gazette)

Montreal police have tweeted protest routes, traffic tie-ups and arrests, and even answers to followers’ questions throughout the 14-week student strike. Twitter proved its value again Wednesday night, when it helped spring five student journalists from a police roundup of protesters.

8.) How to manage your Generation Y employees better. (NBC)

You may know them as the Generation Why, the Trophy Generation, Gen Y, or Millennials. This generation has been completely infiltrating your organization. They come with their own unique traits that, when harnessed correctly, can produce incredible results.

But not everyone sees it that way.

9.) Can Facebook get a child expelled from school? (Forbes)

Apparently in one school in Queensland, Australia, it might do just that.

10.) NH colleges commit to increasing STEM graduates. (NECN)

New Hampshire's community colleges and four-year school are working together to turn out more high-tech graduates.


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