Teradata, Hortonworks lead Hadoop, big data parade

Hadoop based big data software is aiming to become more corporate friendly.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

A bevy of companies rolled out Apache Hadoop software as they fill out their big data product rosters.

The announcements, which line up with the Hadoop Summit in San Jose, go like this:

  • Hortonworks launched a high availability version of Apache Hadoop. The company collaborated with VMware to roll out Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 1.0. The goal is to target companies deploying Hadoop on VMware vSphere. Features for the high-availability version include Automated Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) NameNode and JobTracker failover and restart, MapReduce failure detection, restarts of virtual machines and resource management tools.
  • Hortonworks also announced the general availability of its data platform---Hortonworks Data Platform, which melds Hadoop with existing data structures.
  • Teradata said that its Aster SQL-H software will bridge business intelligence software with Hadoop data sets. Teradata's move aims to give business analysts big data intelligence to make decisions without a big implementation. Also see Andrew Brust: Teradata Aster integrates Hadoop metadata natively
  • Datameer said that its big data analytics software will bring Apache Hadoop to the desktop. Datameer 2.0 will embed Hadoop natively in two of its three editions. Data Meer Personal runs on a desktop and Workgroup runs on a server. Datameer Enterprise works on multiple nodes. Also seeHadoop comes to the desktop with Datameer 2.0

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