Tesco apologises for Dell Mini 10 mix-up

The retail giant is offering refunds to customers after its website briefly advertised Dell's as-yet-unreleased netbook
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Tesco has apologised after it erroneously advertised a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 online for £349, and has promised refunds to those who ordered the as-yet-unreleased netbook.

The advertisement went on Tesco's website around the middle of last week, but was no longer on the site at the weekend. "We're very sorry for the error and of course any customers after a refund are entitled to one," a Tesco spokesperson told ZDNet UK on Monday.

The Mini 10 was announced earlier this month as a 10-inch-screened version of the existing, nine-inch-screened Mini 9, but no release date or pricing has yet been revealed. Its appearance on Tesco's site therefore caused some excitement, but user reports on the MyDellMini forum suggest that those who ordered it received a standard Mini 9.

The Mini 9 is priced on Tesco's website at £195, although that price represents a lower storage specification than that advertised for the Mini 10.

Tesco's spokesperson was unable to give details of how many of the Mini 10s might have been ordered and paid for, nor of how the mix-up took place.

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