Tesla's mystery pickup: Electric cybertruck unveiled on November 21, says Elon Musk

Two years after teasing the idea of a Tesla pickup truck, the company will unveil it later this month.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Tesla will reveal its highly anticipated but so far unseen electric pickup truck on November 21, Elon Musk announced on Twitter on Wednesday. 

Musk called the electric pickup truck the 'Cybertruck' and says Tesla intends to unveil it in Los Angeles near the SpaceX rocket factory.   

As ZDNet sister site CNET's Roadshow notes, it's not known yet whether the Cybertruck will be a production vehicle or a concept car. But the unveiling should satisfy Tesla fans who have been intrigued by the prospect of an electric pickup ever since April 2017, when Musk teased the idea and said it would be revealed in the next 18 to 24 months. 

Musk in December last year said he was keen to make the electric pickup truck and that, "We might have a prototype to unveil next year". 

In June 2018, he said the pickup truck "will have power outlets allowing use of heavy-duty 240V, high-power tools in field all day. No generator needed".

And Musk was keen on the idea of including a utility port from its air suspension system – found on the Model S and X – so that pickup drivers could connect and use air tools.  

The November 21 unveiling will happen during the LA Auto Show, where Tesla will be offering fans a chance to test-drive its electric vehicles. Musk also noted it is the same month in the opening credits for Blade Runner. 

CNET Roadster reckons it's highly unlikely the Cybertruck will go into production soon, in part because Tesla is still trying to make the Model 3 a mass-produced electric car and has the Model Y crossover SUV scheduled for next year. 

As per CNBC, Musk last year claimed the Tesla electric pickup will be better than the classic Ford F-150 as a truck and a better sports car than a standard Porsche 911.

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