Thai man reportedly 'electrocuted' by charging iPhone

Man was found dead with severe burns on his chest and hand which held the phone, so badly that his skin was sticking to it. Police suspect electrocution via the phone charger, which appears to be a third-party product.
Written by Ryan Huang, Contributor

A man in Thailand has been reportedly electrocuted while using his charging iPhone.

The 28-year-old Pisit Charnglek was found laying on the floor, with his left hand holding on to a black iPhone 4s hooked up to a charger that was in a power outlet, according to Daily News on Monday. A burn was found on his topless chest, as well as on his left hand which was holding the phone, to the extent that his skin had stuck to it, noted Tech in Asia.

iphone charger
The iPhone charger is blue, which indicates it is likely to be non-standard issue. (credit:dailynews.co.th)

Police suspect the man had been using the phone while falling asleep on the floor, which his father Chaleaw Charnglek described was typical of him. The father added he had heard a yell from his room but brushed it off as his son often talked in his sleep, according to Bangkok Post.

While police are waiting for autopsy results before confirming the cause of death, they suspect the cause of death is electrocution via the phone charger. Based on photographs by Daily News, the charger has a blue plug which indicates it is likely to be non-standard issue.

A third party charger was also involved in the electrocution of a Chinese stewardess in August this year, just days after a similar case involving a Chinese man. This led Apple to offer a two-month $10 replacement program for non-standard chargers.


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