The Aussie startup roundup

This month, ZDNet has focussed on what's going down in the Australian startup scene.
Written by Spandas Lui, Contributor

The Australian startup scene has blossomed in the last decade with more resources available to fledgling tech businesses than ever before. But there are still lingering doubts as to whether startups can have a bright future if they stayed in Australia, with many viewing Silicon Valley as a more startup-friendly location.

From little things, big things grow. (Credits: ZDNet)

Here's ZDNet's guide to the local startup environment.

Finding a Sydney co-working space for your Aussie startup

Michael Lee checks out some of the best Sydney co-working space for Aussie startups.

Up close with Scott Farquhar

A profile of Atlassian co-founder and startup advocate Scott Farquhar, complete with a video interview where he talks about the highs and lows of his IT career.

CBA creates "enterprise startup" to bypass corporate stagnation

Rather than waiting for a successful startup to appear, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia created its own.

Does Aus govt venture capital throw money at the wrong problem?

Startups approach venture capitalists to expand, but early stage businesses keep running out of money before they get there. So why does the government fund startups at the VC stage if it wants them to succeed?

Global startup success doesn't require Silicon Valley: oDesk, Etsy

Australian startups need not migrate to the US to find success, as long as they aim for a larger global market, according to oDesk and Etsy.

Atlassian takes stock, other Aussie startups have few options

Mahesh Sharma explores the topic of employee stock options for Australian startups.

Swan's sledgehammer crushes startups

Mahesh Sharma looks back on how the Australian government's tax changes in 2009 has had huge impacts on startup businesses in the country.

Union campaign alleviates stock options fallout

In part three of Sharma's startup series, he looks at the union campaign to lobby Treasurer Wayne Swan to relax changes to employee share schemes.

Government stock option mess bears fruit for "legal startups"

In part four of the bootstrappr blog's special employee share scheme report, Mahesh Sharma focuses on the law firms that are profiting from the government's 2009 legislation change.

When the US survived a stock option crackdown

A world without stock options is a world without semiconductor chips, personal computers, video games, and the internet.

Australian govt changes R&D tax cut to benefit startups, SMEs

Under new changes to tax breaks, big businesses will no longer be able to claim their R&D costs, with the savings going to smaller ones.

Stock options are viral ingredient needed to spark startup culture

In this last installment of Mahesh Sharma's stock option series, he discusses how Atlassian could be the startup ecosystem's saviour.

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