The biggest iOS annoyance I want Apple to fix

This iOS annoyance has been plaguing me since I started using the iPhone.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

It's my birthday this week. It also happens to be the month that Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference -- WWDC -- is held. Being my birth month, I have a wish to make, a wish that I hope finally comes true with the release of iOS 14.

I would like Apple to fix an iOS annoyance that's been plaguing me since I started using the iPhone.

I want Apple to stop making phone calls and FaceTime calls take over the entire iPhone.

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I know that the iPhone is a phone. It's right there in the name. But who these days uses a smartphone primarily as a phone? Most of the time I get a call it's a junk call or some time-waster, but thanks to the priority given to phone calls, it pops up over whatever I'm doing, and sits there, forcing me to deal with it.

It can actually be quite startling when a call comes in. And it busts through whatever you're doing, Kool-Aid Man style.

I get it that there was a time when this made sense, but now it's just plain annoying.

Imagine if the iPhone did this for every email that came in? Sure, I'm old enough to remember being excited when an email came in, but those times are long gone.

It's time for this to go.

Sure, there are other things that need to be fixed -- I've outlined a few here, mostly stability and performance-related -- but fixing the Phone app and making it work like other apps, would be great.

Apple, please can I have that for my birthday? Pretty please?

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