The Callet: a wallet and iPhone case in one

It's incredibly functional and has become my preferred case for my iPhone
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I've been trying to find the best case for my iPhone for a long time now. Over the years I have certainly gone through more than enough of them and my latest one is called the Callet.

The Callet is a smartphone case and wallet in one. It features slit pockets on its back, to hold your cash and credit cards, and is made from a high quality Gel-Polymer. As I mentioned, the pockets themselves are designed to hold credit cards or money but I find the best use for them is actually for holding my business cards. I've carried business cards in my pocket before, but having them bound to my iPhone, which is always on me, seems like something that was meant to be.

As for the case itself, it does a great job of protecting the iPhone, but is not that pretty to look at. However, where it lacks in looks, being that it's a gel exterior, it more than makes up for in functionality. So far I have dropped my iPhone numerous times with it shielded by the Callet, and I have yet to incur any scratches. This is thanks to the slightly above glass gel surroundings of the Callet.

Another advantage of the gel exterior is that I can put my iPhone in just about any position in my car. In the past I worried about the back of the phone scratching, or the phone sliding off of a seat, or on any part of the car that I rested it on. But thanks to the Callet's gel exterior, it acts as a no skid surface, and makes it so that the iPhone stays exactly where I placed it.

The only drawback I have found so far with the Collet is that since I use it to hold business cards, the top card tends to get destroyed, since the phone continues to come in and out of my pocket. That said, it's a small trade-off when you think about the functionality that is offered by marrying the two. I'm also looking forward to taking my phone with the Callet on some personal adventures, since I should be able to leave my wallet behind, thanks to the built-in pockets.

You can read more about the Callet or purchase it for $19.99 at TheCallet.com. Also, if you want to dress it up a bit, you can choose from some other colors (I prefer the black), including pink, blue, and white.

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