The Google TV update that no one will care about

Good changes, but it's a shame that Google TV is dead in the water.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Google pushes a lot of new software and updates out of the door. Yesterday the company announced that it was getting ready to push out an update to Google TV devices ... and update that no one will care about.

The Google TV update will revamp several areas of the Google TV experience, including:

  • Smoother navigation
  • New channel pages
  • See related videos
  • Info screen

Great updates. Problem is, Google TV is pretty much dead in the water and no one will care about this update.

Logitech's Revue Google TV died on the vine, and while there are new players jumping on board the Google TV bandwagon (LG, Samsung and Vizio), but I really don't see what secret sauce these companies have that will give them the edge over Logitech's dismal failure. TVs are a highly competitive market and the big names are losing money hand over fist, and consumers don't seem to be interested in 'feature' TVs.


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