The iPad could soon replace the need for pen and paper

With a stylus, pressure sensitivity, and palm rejection, pen and paper's days are numbered.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor
I've written in the past about the need for a stylus for the iPad. At the time I called out the Pogo Stylus and how one was going to be arriving soon for me to test out. Since that time videos have surfaced showing how to make your own stylus and now a couple of videos have surfaced showing off the true power of the combination of a stylus, or even your finger, and an iPad. The first one comes to us from pocket-lint.com and features a pressure demo by Ten One Design. To be clear, the iPad doesn't have a pressure sensor, but you'd think it does after having seen the video below. The demo uses Ten One Design's own app and shows off drawing on the iPad with different amounts of pressure placed on the Pogo Sketch stylus. By applying different levels of pressure, the line width varies. The demo also shows off how the iPad can now do "palm rejection", which lets you rest your hand on the iPad while drawing with the stylus. According to Ten One Design, it's using a private API currently, but hopes to get Apple to approve it and if it does, the company will release it as a free software library. The second video demonstration of drawing with the iPad came to use via TUAW and features Kyle Lambert creating a portrait of Beyonce using an iPad, his finger, and the iPad Brushes App. It took him 6 hours to complete and you can see the entire process below. It's clear from the videos above that the iPad plus a stylus will be a must-have for artists soon enough. It's also clear that with "palm rejection" technology or even the "wrist protection" that's already available in the Penultimate app, that soon the iPad will be judged in a class all by itself, and not looked at as just a bigger iPod Touch. Below is the video I referenced above of how to make your own Stylus
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