The iPhone 4S(teve)

The iPhone that experts told us no one would buy has flown off of the proverbial pre-order shelves in the US. This week's Nerdcam looks at why this happened.
Written by Luke Hopewell, Contributor

The launch of the iPhone 4S should have been a triumph for Apple. The company had once again taken something it was very proud of and re-engineered it to make a faster, more impressive product. Well done to all involved, a pat on the back for you. But this easy success was not to be.

The launch was mired by a legion of analysts who said that the product was "a disappointment" and not a true mark of what the company was capable of.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 4S opened up on Friday, with over 200,000 pre-ordered sight unseen from AT&T alone.

If each of those iPhones were to attend live sporting events around Australia, they would fill up the Sydney Cricket Ground, the WACA Ground and ANZ Stadium. Even with all those stadiums, there'd still be over 40,000 iPhones without seats.

By this morning, Apple announced that the iPhone 4S had pre-sold 1 million units, surpassing the previous record by 400,000 units, held by the iPhone 4.

This was the product analysts told us no one would buy, and instead it's flown off of the proverbial pre-order shelves.

Why? It's simple, really. Two words, one inimitable name: Steve Jobs.

Watch the video to see how Steve Jobs made the iPhone 4S the most important device in the line.

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