The on-demand datacenter

The modular datacenter isn't only a shipping container that you deliver where you need it; this new offering is a fully managed, hardened facility that can be built in place, to your specifications, just about anywhere you need it. Then packed up when you're done.
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

When we think about on-demand datacenters, we focus on the services side of the equation. Building efficient datacenter operations using state of the art virtualization technologies and the latest power management and distribution techniques allow datacenter managers to deliver services that match the needs of their business operations. Their goal is to provide this support without over or under provisioning issues and make their datacenters operations deliver a more effective ROI.

But what happens when your on-demand need isn't something that can be solved virtually, and actually requires additional facility space? Or that you need to be able to provide services in new locations, which might be in areas unprepared for the development of a datacenter facility? For most people the first thought would be to go with a containerized solution. Drop that shipping container full of modular datacenter equipment and another container with power and cooling and you are good to go.

But to a certain extent, the container solution is a ‘one size fits all" approach (despite their being two standard sizes of containers).  And while it might be able to service your business needs, there might be other solutions that better fit the bill. That's the approach that Telehouse is taking with their Data Center Anywhere product. Rather than using containers to deliver a modular datacenter, Telehouse has partnered with Future Tech Enterprises to deliver a datacenter facility, built to spec, using a modular panel system that results in the ability to deliver a complete facility that, using the iFortress technology from Future Tech that is a "self-contained six-sided, modular, water proof, thermal resistant, fire proof, ballistic resistant, hermetically sealed faraday cage of any shape and any size." 

The modular panel technology used in these facilities is designed to allow the creation of a unit that is not just environmentally secure but also protects against threats such as vandalism, external explosions, EMP/EMI, and unauthorized access. Additionally, the process is environmentally friendly, the panels are reusable, and so that when a project is completed the facility can be disassembled or reconfigured in size and shape. Facilities are assembled on-site and an entire datacenter can be built in a matter of weeks, rather than the months or years required for a traditional brick and mortar facility.

This is a very different approach than the container datacenter and deserves to be considered by almost any business looking at deploying new datacenter facilities for either log or short-term use, especially in areas where rigid environmental, access, and security considerations need to be put into place.

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