These could be Amazon's new Fire TV devices for 2017

Amazon is reportedly planning two Fire TV devices: One dongle and one cube.


Amazon looks to be launching two new Fire TV devices: One for middle range and one for high end. (Image: AFTVnews)

Amazon is planning to release two new Fire TV devices, according to AFTVnews. One is a dongle and shaped like the Google Chromecast, and the other device is cube-shaped with the typical set-top box form.

Mid-tier dongle

Amazon plans to release the "mid-tier model" in October in the $60 to $80 range, AFTVnews reported. It will only have an HDMI port and a microUSB port for power, but it will still support 4K and HDR content streamed through Amazon's Fire TV software.

Slightly more powerful than the Fire TV stick, the alleged mid-tier Fire device features a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU and Mali-450 MP GPU, according to leaked specifications. It's also tipped to have 2GB of RAM and the same 8GB of internal storage that all past and present Fire TV models boast.

High-end set-top box

Amazon's high-end Fire TV device will be cube-shaped and feature far-field microphones and an integrated speaker, as well as an LED light bar, AFTVnews reported.

What could be a converging of the Fire TV and Echo into one device, the premium Fire TV cube is said to have Alexa capability, so users can speak to the box to play music, movies, TV shows, and access other information.

The top of box has same buttons as the Echo Dot, including a mute button, action button, and volume controls, the leaked photo of the alleged device showed.

The premium Fire TV isn't expected to launch until late 2017 or early next year. AFTVnews estimates that it will cost over $100.

There's still a lot of details surrounding these two device unknown. As always, we suggest you take rumors with a healthy dose of salt. Company plans often change quickly in the tech world.