This faux AI chatbot will judge your music taste and make you laugh (hopefully)

If you were proud of your Spotify Wrapped results, you might feel differently after this site roasts your streaming choices.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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On Wednesday, Spotify unveiled its Spotify Wrapped for 2023, and as a result, most social media feeds were swamped with people showing off their top songs and artists of the year. Although those Spotify Wrapped results might have been enough to impress your social media followers, this faux AI model will take a lot more convincing. 

The digital publication The Pudding has a project called "How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?", a site that pretends to be a judgemental AI character that judges how bad your music taste is based on your Apple Music and Spotify streaming history. 

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Since it mimics the actions of a judgemental AI model, while looking at your music history, the website offers ruthless commentary, roasting many of your music choices and asking follow-up questions to better understand your music taste and ultimately deliver your final score. 

Even though I personally felt comfortable with my music choices, I scored an embarrassing 21/100. If you are brave enough to try it yourself, follow the steps below. 

Visit the website

How bad is your streaming music? website
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The first step to getting your score is visiting the "How Bad Is Your Streaming Music?" website on your phone or computer. Once you are there, you can click on the "Find Out" button found in the center of the screen to get started. 

Select what music streaming platform you use

How bad is your streaming music? website screenshot
Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

To get you your results, the site will need access to your Spotify or Apple Music Account to see what music you listen to. The site reassures users that it will not change or post anything once it has access to their account. 

Sign into your account 

Sign in to Apple Music
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Once you select Spotify or Apple Music, you will be redirected to a new sign-in window. If you are hesitant about entering your log-in information, the site says that the sign-on information only gives them one-time access to your platform and that it doesn't see your username or password, or save that data. 

Answer the different follow-up questions 

How bad is your streaming music? website screenshot
Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Once you give the site access, it will ask you a series of follow-up questions based on the music you listen to. These questions are lowkey roasts -- just roll with it. 

Also, as a heads-up, in the follow-up questions, the site did use some foul language, so if that isn't your speed, you may want to avoid the quiz. 

Get your score

How bad is your streaming music? website screenshot
Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Once you are done answering the questions, the platform will give you a score. Personal tip: prepare for the worst because the scores aren't very generous. 

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After I prompted the site to give me the final score, it briefly showed me a score out of 100 before moving onto a blank grey screen. However, others who have tried have been able to make it the entire way through without an issue. As a result, it seems like the issue is just the site being at capacity, with interest peaking during Spotify Wrapped time. 

Even though I wasn't able to see the final screen, getting my score was still a fun experience. 

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