Spotify Wrapped is back: What were you listening to in 2023?

Are you a vampire or a shapeshifter? Spotify enhances its end-of-year feature with the story behind your streaming habits.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor
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If you've been loyal to your Spotify subscription for a few years, you know that the end of the year means it's time to view your Spotify Wrapped campaign. If you're new to or unfamiliar with Spotify, you may wonder why your friends are posting their top artists, songs, podcasts, and albums on social media today.

Today, Spotify delivered 2023's Spotify Wrapped results, and if you want to see yours, here's how.

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What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is Spotify's annual campaign that shows users their most-played artists, songs, albums, and podcasts. Spotify uses an interactive slideshow to show users how many minutes they spent listening to specific music genres and how dedicated they were to listening to their favorite artists.

Spotify tracks users' listening habits throughout the year to deliver their Spotify Wrapped results at the end of the year. Over the years, users' Spotify Wrapped results became a social media event where people share their results with their followers online.

How can I find my Spotify Wrapped?

You can access your Spotify Wrapped results in the Spotify app on iOS and Android. In the Spotify "Home" tab, you'll see a widget that will prompt you to view your Wrapped results.

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You can also access your Spotify Wrapped in a web browser. If you can't find your Spotify Wrapped results, check to ensure the Spotify app is up to date on your device.

New Spotify Wrapped data in 2023

Every year, Spotify introduces new data stories to further detail your listening habits and better help you tailor your music taste. A new data story called "Me in 2023" will align your listening habits with one of 12 characters, like "Vampire," "Collector," or "Shapeshifter."

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Another new data story --"Sound Town" -- matches your music library to a city based on your favorite artists. For example, if you tend to listen to OutKast, Ludacris, Young Nudy, and Future, you're likely to match with the city of Atlanta, Georgia. 

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