This is the new MacBook Air? I hear screams (of anger, as well as joy)

Renderings emerge of the supposed M2 MacBook Air. Some customers may be rendered insensate.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributing Writer on

Yes, green. There's a purple one too. And, oh, a white keyboard.

Jon Prosser render

I've been thinking about this for a while.

What would it be like to have a laptop that didn't look like my last laptop, or the one before that?

If you're a committed MacBook Air user -- guilty, m'lud -- you know, should you have the remnants of a heart and a soul -- that Apple has made you feel like the person who always goes to church on Sundays, never sings and is always generous when the collection plate comes by.

The pandemic seemed to incite a tinge of guilt in Apple. It suddenly released an Air with the company's new M1 chip. 

The problem, of course, is that the M1Air looked exactly like the IntelAir. Which felt like a little ConAir.

Yet now there is hope for all aesthetes. Well, some aesthetes. Well, it really depends on your sense of taste.

Prodigious leak-magnet Jon Prosser claims to have been passed some images of an upcoming M2Air. He asked a renderer to portray what these future Airs might look like three-dimensionally.

And, oh, do breathe.

It seems that the new Air will allegedly have coats of many colors. Green, for example. And even something that resembles purple.

Colors. It's almost as if it's a homage to the fact that we're emerging from a bleak period into a rainbow-adorned future.

Moreover, the prospect of matching -- or contrasting -- the color of your new Air with your new blazingly colorful iMac will have the dedicated rushing to Sherwin Williams or Home Depot for advice.

I admit I'm unreasonably uplifted by the idea of my next MacBook Air not exuding the same silvery, gray, chilly dullness. 

There's more. The Air will -- must I add more allegedlys? -- also be thinner than your average horse racing trainer's excuses. I'm not sure how moved I am by this, as I've almost cut myself on my current Air's edges more than once.

Still, the new Air will supposedly not be tapered. Tapered pants are out, ergo so are tapered MacBooks. And, a small thing this, but the function keys suddenly look bigger. Which will certainly please those who bother to use them.

Yes, I've been avoiding the other stuff. The stuff's that sure to divide at least as much as it conquers. For this leak suggests that not only will the new Air have the same white bezels as the new iMac, but, oh, the keyboard will be white too.

I imagine, should this leak even verge on the accurate that Apple will claim the keyboard is a proprietary new color called Snow White. Or Tighty Whitey.

I worry, though, that white keyboards may appear more joyous, but ultimately look a touch cheap when compared with the current, soothing black.

Should you constantly hark back to former centuries when every Mac was a glorious adventure, perhaps you'll be ululating for joy.

I fear, though, that there'll be those whose timbers shiver at the sight of this almost frivolous attempt at happy design.

You never know, it might not happen.

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