This is the promotional tech-gift you should give customers

It's an item everyone can use -- and will see multiple times every day. Save 15 percent on your custom order with this BBH exclusive!
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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I like Ninja Loops so much that I ordered some custom ones for my own business.

Photo by Rick Broida/ZDNet

So you need a marketing-friendly promotional item to give your customers. Maybe it's a holiday thing, maybe it's swag for an event or trade show.

Forget the old standbys -- the pens, the mugs, the flash drives. They're boring, and everyone has a zillion of them already.

My recommendation: something simple but effective; useful for almost everyone; unique and attention-getting; colorful and customizable; and totally affordable.

I'm talking about one of my all-time favorite smartphone accessories: the Ninja Loop.

It even sounds cool

The Ninja Loop is a strap that adheres to nearly any smartphone case. Once installed (it takes about 30 seconds), you slip your fingers in. Bam. That's it.

This accomplishes two things. First, it lets your thumb reach all corners of your phone's expansive screen -- something that's virtually impossible otherwise with a one-handed grip. Second, it affords you a much tighter hold on your phone, meaning you're much less likely to drop it. Ninja, indeed!

Like I said: simple but effective, and useful for almost everyone. And because everyone handles their phone dozens of times per day, you get a lot of marketing bang for the buck.

There are loads of other gripper thingies for phones, but I like the Ninja Loop because it adds zero bulk: Your phone still lays flat when you put it down, and in fact you can still use a magnetic car mount even with the strap in place. Just as important, it shouldn't interfere with wireless charging -- a problem with nearly every competing product.

Custom loops for your customers

Ninja Loops normally sell for $5 apiece, but you can order custom ones in bulk for considerably less. (As you'd expect, prices vary depending on quantity and whatnot.)

Customization options include your choice of loop color and style and loop messaging: a small logo, a company motto or web address, etc.

Each loop comes in its own package, which I think adds greatly to the appeal -- and the perceived value.

So here's the deal: Request your custom quote, then get 15 percent off your order when you mention promo code ZDNet.

Cool tech accessory: check. Genuinely useful item: check. Your URL/logo constantly on display: check.

What more can I say? To me this is a no-brainer promotional item, especially with the extra 15 percent off.

Your thoughts?

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