This screen protector protects your phone and your eyes and kills bacteria

This screen protector does so much more than protect your phone.

Having a screen protector is a good idea, especially if you're a bit clumsy handling your expensive smartphone. But here's a screen protector that can do so much more.

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Glass Elite VisionGuard+

The Glass Elite VisionGuard+ by ZAGG InvisibleShield is much more than a screen protector.

First of all, it's a tough screen protector. Making use of aluminosilicate glass, an ion exchange tempering process is used to increases the surface tension of the glass making it stronger and more scratch-resistant creating what ZAGG claims is their strongest glass screen protection ever.

Because screens normally shatter at the edges, this screen protector features reinforced edges that protect the vulnerable corners and edges, preventing chips from forming and stopping cracks from starting, and if the screen is damaged, preventing them from spreading.

But there's more to the Glass Elite VisionGuard+.

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+

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Built into the glass is an Eyesafe layer which filters harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light emitted by the display, without affecting how it looks. This is designed to reduce digital eye strain which can cause things like premature eye aging, dry and irritated eyes, sleep disruption, and blurred vision.

But there's more.

Worried about the hellstew of bacteria that lives and breeds on your screen? This screen protector features anti-bacterial technology that's embedded in the surface of the glass itself, a treatment that won't wear off and kills 99.99% of common surface bacteria (such as E.coli and staph) according to tests carried out by a third-party lab.

The screen protector also features ClearPrint technology, a coating that hides the visibility of fingerprints. Developed by NBD Nanotechnologies, and used uniquely by InvisibleShield, this oleophilic layer spreads oils from fingerprints so thinly on the surface that it allows light to pass through the oil, making fingerprints virtually invisible.

The Glass Elite VisionGuard+ is easy to fit thanks to the installation tray that comes with the package. In fact, it's the easiest screen protector I've ever fitted, literally taking a minute.

The Glass Elite VisionGuard+ screen protectors are available for the iPhone and several Android devices. InvisibleShield also makes a number of anti-bacterial film screen protectors for iPhones and Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S20.

I'll be using the Glass Elite VisionGuard+ on my daily driver from now on to see how well it lasts and will post an update if anything exciting happens.